“Who I am stops me from being who I want to be. Who I want to be stops me from being who I am. I am who I am. I’m one of a kind. I am me.” ~~ Kyle Tomaszewski

Submitted by Kyle Tomaszewski.


“In spite of the repetitive theme: man’s inhumanity to man, good does grow from evil. Sometimes the evil is necessary to awaken us from the ambivalence that engulfs us when we are content in our lives. ” ~~ Linda Janney

Submitted by Linda Janney.


“Man’s greatest obstacle is normalcy. Believing we have to be ‘normal’ or have to be ‘perfec’ at everything is nothing but a hurdle. Yes, we should do good. Yes, we should make this world a better place. But being a follower versus being a leader is the difference between being scared and being you.” ~~ Alexandra O.

Submitted by Alexandra O.


“There are those people today who live the same life, day-in day-out predictable, risk-free, dreamless. They are the harshest critics of those who choose to break free from this mundane existence. In this world, too many people are afraid to pursue the life they truly desire, too afraid of being criticized by others, too afraid of failing, too afraid of not knowing the way. However, there are also those who choose to follow their dreams, those who choose to rebel; those who strive to be free, those who live. Stay true to yourself. Break free from the chains of society and live. May you too have the strength and courage to pursue your dreams.” ~~ Roger Chao

Submitted by Daveed Hassan.