SUMMARY: John Adams (October 29, 1735 – on July 4, 1826) Second president of the United States.

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John Adams was one of our nation’s founding fathers. He helped shape this country into one of the most powerful in the world. He was an extraordinary man that did a lot throughout his lifetime. Here are some more facts that you can read about.

John Adams was born on October 29, 1735 in Braintree, Massachusetts. His ancestors were Puritans and actually some of the first to settle in America. He came from a line of farmers, militia men, and politicians. He had two younger brothers and as the oldest he often felt that he had a duty to live up to his name. Because he came from such an amazing family, he felt that he too had to do something more than just good in his life. He did.

John Adams was married in 1764 to Abigail Smith. She was the daughter of a minister. They had 6 children, one of which was stillborn. He became a constitutional lawyer and focused on the analysis of political history.

John Adams was against the Stamp Act of 1765. He wrote several articles to the Boston Gazette explaining why they were unfair to the colonists. He argued that the Act wasn’t applicable to the colonists because they had no representation in Parliament.

When the Boston Massacre of 1770 occurred, John Adams was asked to defend the British soldiers who had been involved. He agreed and many of the soldiers weren’t even found guilty of anything. He wasn’t paid much for representing the soldiers, something he was upset about. He stated that he worked harder on that trial than anything he had previously been given.

A couple years after the Boston Massacre, a huge argument erupted because of some new taxes that would be put into place. It would be charging the colonists for the shipments they received. John Adams argued on behalf of the colonists that it was unfair because they didn’t have any representation in Parliament and didn’t have any connection with it. They were only supposed to be loyal to the King. He argued also that the King was the one who appointed people to make the laws for the colonies and that he was the only one who made the laws and governed the colonists, not Parliament. He stated that if an agreement couldn’t be made, then the colonists would have to declare their independence and become a new country. Because John Adams was such a good lawyer and had studied politics and government all his life, he was able to present an excellent case and prove that Parliament had no authority over the colonies.

John Adams was sent to both the Continental Congresses. He was such a prominent leader in the Congress and wanted to find a solution so that the colonies would be free. John Adams advised that the colonies start thinking about how to go about becoming a free state and thus they started to write the Declaration of Independence.

John Adams became the first Vice President in United States history. He then became the Second President of the United States. He was the first to live in the White House. He kept all of President George Washington’s advisors in the cabinet. His Vice President was Thomas Jefferson, who was actually his opponent in the Presidential race. It was how the country worked back then, by picking the Vice President from the man who had lost the election. John Adams died on July 4, 1826 after serving one term as President of the United States.

Because John Adams had studied law and government all his life, he was able to accomplish all of the things that he did. His early life is less known, but it is why everything else happened. He never would’ve given such great speeches about declaring freedom from Britain, or helped to build the United States of America into such a great country if he hadn’t spent his life studying and analyzing government.

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